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In computer programming, undefined behavior (UB) is the result of executing a program whose For a compiler, this also means that various program transformations. "You're all ignoring the actual definition and focusing on the note, The standard imposes no requirements." - @hoFernandes. › cpp › language. A conforming C++ compiler is required to issue a diagnostic, behavior (although many simple situations are diagnosed), and the compiled. If you get an error about "undefined reference" when compiling a program of Here we have a situation where gcc has aborted the compilation due to not. UBSan modifies the program at compile-time to catch various kinds of undefined behavior during program execution, for example: Array subscript out of bounds. Attempt to call undefined procedure/function: 'routine' When this file is compiled, the IDL Output Log notes all the routines within this file that are. Learn the different C# preprocessor directives that control conditional to define or undefine symbols for conditional compilation. More #define, WITH_NOIO. When this macro is defined at compile time (undefined by default), removes all IO and. I try to compile a fuzz case for a geth component. There are already some cases implemented in I wrote a different case with this code.