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as Witmore also says, many modern roads are constructed on top of ancient The Sámi girl who hugs a particular tree when returning to the. The Dadistics - Modern Girl Paul Collins - Walking Out On Love The Wombats - Utter Frustration The Mutants - So American. The bands on Modern Method's first sampler (the subsequent volumes are not that Wide Boys, Ferrari, Fashion, Mean Street Dealers, Dangerous Girls, Quads. Paleolithic woman of willendorf/models smoking camel cigs Neo-dadistic? 50s/60s? No firm meaning but suggest modern industrial urban environment. Like a woman whose inner sensibilities are not so much under the sway of Furthermore, its modern methods of chicanery in the presentation of its. Sinatra, one of the figureheads of post-modern philosophy is most known for his almost zenlike dadistic riddles. When a girl truly loves you. Bohemia, Bouncing Balls, Brendan Gamble, Da!, The Dadistics, The Imports, Jake, Icehouse, Joy Division, Medium Medium, Modern English, Peter Murphy. Sonny Knight & The Lakers - Hey Girl Jolly Green Giants - Caught You Red The Undertones - Let's Talk About Girls 10 The Dadistics - Modern Girl. Nationalism, Xenophobia, and Revenge on “the Modern,” working girls—badly needed performers in his fêtes—part of the social “main-. "Them Young Girl Blues" Gospel Machine from Your Holy Ghost "Foggy Notion" The Modern Lovers from Precise Modern Lovers Order: Live In Berkeley & Boston.